CBD Dosage - How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

on October 11, 2019

CBD is taking the world by storm. Beauty bloggers, health professionals, and spa owners are all leaning into the idea of using CBD in their products and daily routine. Shopping for CBD products is certainly fun - CBD is in everything from carbonated water to bath bombs!

But once you get a bag of CBD gummies or CBD dropper, you might have some questions. How do you use your CBD products? How much should you use? How much CBD is too much? 

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. This guide has everything you need to know about CBD dosage and how to get the best experience out of your CBD products.

Can You Take Too Much CBD? 

Let’s start with the big question. The short answer is no. There have been no reported cases of death from cannabis use alone. Marijuana becomes risky when it has high levels of THC - a cannabinoid that gets you high. CBD is a separate chemical compound from THC. It’s found in hemp as well as marijuana. (Hemp plants have .03% THC or less.) 

CBD is a non-intoxicating ingredient. Users won’t feel stoned from a CBD bath bomb, and they should not worry about “overdosing” on CBD. 

Side Effects of CBD 

While CBD is generally safe and beneficial, there are possible side effects. These side effects affect people differently and at varying levels. Side effects of CBD include:

  • Changes in appetite or mood
  • Dizziness or nausea
  • Anxiety 
  • Drowsiness 
  • Dry mouth 

Assess Your Needs

CBD addresses a variety of symptoms. All of these needs and the severity of your symptoms require different dosages. 

Side Effects of CBD

There are plenty of studies that have looked at CBD’s health benefits and effects on humans. In these studies, researchers administer between 20-1,500mg to each participant. While 1,500mg CBD is still a safe dosage, it’s not a great idea to start out with a dosage this high. 

People who use CBD regularly report using up to 50mg a day. If you are simply looking to take the edge off or try out CBD, you probably don’t need to throw back ten 5mg CBD gummies. 

If you are new to CBD, we also recommend starting with a smaller dose. Try 20mg and see how you feel. If your symptoms persist, continue to up your dose in small increments and keep track of any side effects that may arise from the larger doses.  

How Much CBD Is In One Dosage?

Not all CBD products are the same. Before you use CBD products, know how much CBD you will be consuming. Recommended serving sizes will vary based on the product you buy and the manufacturer who makes it. 

CBD Oil Droppers 

One of the most common ways to ingest CBD is through droppers. Droppers offer an easy solution to dosing - you know exactly how much CBD you are getting under your tongue or mixed in with your food. 

We offer a few different dropper options. The Signature Hemp CBD Oil Tincture from Bluebird Botanicals comes in 500mg and 250mg droppers. Each serving (15 drops) contains 4.2mg of CBD. The manufacturer recommends taking up to five servings once or twice a day. 

CBD Gummies

Remember those chewy gummy vitamins that you loved as a kid (or maybe still enjoy as an adult?) There are plenty of CBD gummies on the market that give you a dose of CBD in a sweet form. 

CBD Gummies

One CBD gummy usually contains up to 5mg CBD. If you are vegan or like to stay away from sugar, you can enjoy the CBDfx Hemp CBD Gummies without any problems!

CBD Capsules and Pills 

Capsules are another way to ingest CBD easily. You will usually get more CBD in each pill or soft gel. CBD Hemp Oil Capsules from Entourage Hemp have 15mg CBD in each capsule. That’s three times as much as a gummy! The difference between CBD capsules and gummies shows that these products contain a wide range of CBD per serving or “piece.” 

CBD Vape Pens 

Here’s where dosing starts to get a little tricky. Everyone inhales differently - so how much CBD are you getting when you hit your CBD vape? 

You can always give your vape a test run and see how many puffs is takes to finish a CBD cartridge, but that’s a lot of counting. We’ll do the math for you, although we can’t guarantee that it’s 100% correct.

Most 1 mL (200mg) vape pens last for 100-200 hits. That gives the user around 1mg CBD per hit. Even if you don’t count how many hits you take from your vape, you shouldn’t have to worry about ingesting more CBD than you would in a capsule. 

CBD Topicals and Other Products

Things get trickier when you are using topicals or edibles. Check the instruction on each individual product before your first use. Pharma CBD Hemp Infused Peanut Butter, for example, recommends that you enjoy one serving (one tablespoon) at a time. 

CBD Topicals and Other Products

While it’s harder to determine how much CBD is in each pump of hemp oil lotion, you can purchase a CBD bath bomb and know exactly how much CBD you are getting in your product. One bath bomb should be all you need for the day - while some bath bombs contain 25mg CBD, others contain up to 200mg CBD! Read each product label carefully before making your selection and planning out your day. 

Talk To A Medical Professional

Since CBD is generally safe, it’s easy to experiment with different dosages until you find the amount that works best for your symptoms and needs. But before you try CBD or any other wellness products, it’s wise to consult to your doctor. People who take certain medications should know of additional risks that come with ingesting CBD or cannabis products. Stay safe and enjoy experimenting with CBD products!