Full Spectrum CBD Topical Salve - 500mg (1 oz)

Full Spectrum CBD Topical Salve (500mg)

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Absolute Nature CBD's top tier CBD Salve is made with non-GMO hemp grown in Colorado with sustainable farming practices. This salve is infused with hemp oil that is minimally processed, following the highest standards at every step of the process from growing all the way to the bottling process.

Absolute Nature CBD salve brings quick relief in the area’s you need the most. This special formula contains a high concentration of CBD with special medicinal herbs that bring soothing, healing properties right away to help you power through your day.
Directions: Apply liberally to the area needed most.

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, CBD Hemp Extract (500mg CBD), Cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Aloe, Peppermint Oil, Frankincense Oil, Wintergreen Oil, Lavender Oil, Marjoram, Eucalyptus Oil, Amica, Basil Oil, Green Tea, Tea Tree Oil, Camphor, Cinnamon, Grapefruit seed Oil, glycerin (USD Kosher), Magnesium, Wax.